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Monday, October 30, 2006

This is one way to do it! ....... I guess?

Pembrokeshire guards its coal
Pembrokeshire County Council and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority are taking steps to safeguard the county's coal reserves.A new draft guide seeks to safeguard the area's coal reserves and ensure that any coal related developments consider the protection of the environment and the principles of sustainable development. The Authorities are seeking public comment on the draft guide and inviting the residents to complete a questionnaire.Anyone applying for planning permission for coal developments will have to show how they have taken account of the advice, or their planning application could be refused. Copies of the document and a questionnaire to help people comment on it are available on the County Council's website at and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority website at, or can be obtained by phoning the Council on 01437 764 551 or the National Park on 0845 345 7275. The consultation period runs until 5pm on Friday 8th December.
Pembrokeshire County Council

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