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Monday, October 30, 2006

They open one coal fired power plant a day in China

China's leaders are worried.

At a major Communist Party meeting last week, they debated what to do about the yawning gap between the ever more prosperous cities and the impoverished countryside. They're also concerned about how rampant economic growth, fuelled by coal, is ruining the environment. And with new coal-fired power stations opening every 10 days in China - the impact of producing climate-changing gases will affect everyone.Since 1900 overall global carbon emissions have risen 13 per cent. Those in China have increased 47 per cent.China is now the second largest emitter of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions after the United States with 12.7% of the world's total, by 2025 China's share of world carbon emissions is expected to increase to 17.8%.Our China Correspondent Lindsey Hilsum travelled to Shanxi province, west of Beijing to the village of Shangma Huangtou, where coal is destroying a community.

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