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Monday, October 30, 2006

.The Mine Safety
and Health Administration (MSHA)
this week kicked off its annual Winter
Alert campaign,

which is designed to
promote increased awareness among
mine operators and miners of the
hazards that lead to fatal accidents in
both underground and surface mines
due to the onset of colder weather.
MSHA’s Winter Alert campaign runs
annually from October through March.
This year’s theme of “Don’t Let Safety
Slip” reminds mine operators and
miners to be alert for environmental
hazards such as slippery walkways
and icy mine access roads, MSHA said
in an Oct. 25 press release. MSHA
personnel will distribute Winter Alert
posters, hard-hat stickers, and decals to
mine operators and miners displaying
MSHA’s safety practices for working
in underground and surface mines
during wintertime. More information
on the campaign is available at:

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