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Thursday, October 26, 2006

They want the windmills so birds can be chopped up! See below; Lets see how this one turns out and watch it over the next days till election day. To bad its so close. Their hunger strike means more for me. -- Section: Houston & Texas News
Oct. 25, 2006, 10:29PM
11 opponents of power plants begin hunger strikeAssociated Press
DENTON - Eleven environmental opponents of 16 coal-fired power plants proposed in Texas began a hunger strike Wednesday scheduled to last until Election Day on Nov. 7.

The fasting began nearly a year after Gov. Rick Perry signed an executive order Oct. 27, 2005, to speed up the permitting process for the plants.

The hunger strike aims to make state leaders consider cleaner technologies such as wind power and other renewable energies, said Karen Hadden, 49, who organized the protest.

Hadden said Perry's order made Texans think there is an energy crisis that requires the quick development of new plants when none really exists.

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