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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TX wants to burn trees instead of coal.

Now maybe its just me but it seems that it will take a lot of tree waste to keep this baby going. How many trees must die before the enviro wackos allow TX to burn coal? I think it will take a few brown outs and even black outs to get the silent majority out of the lazy boy rocker and down to city hall to out number the small vocal group of self proclaimed social dictators.

03/06/07 - Nacogdoches

New Power Plant in TX?

by Josh Ault
Nacogdoches County is about to set records. The largest power plant in the country fueled by wood is going to be built.
Today members of Nacogdoches Power, LLC meet with NEDCO to discuss the plans. The new plant will be built on a 130-acre site in the Sacul Community. It will be the first of it's kind in Texas. The plant will use timber and paper waste to generate electricity. The facility will help improve air and water quality, reduce the generation of greenhouse gases and contribute to national and regional energy security.
Vice President of Nacogdoches Power, Tony Callendrello, said Nacogdoches County was a perfect fit for the new plant. He said East Texas is known for its forest industry, and the new plant will bring great economic growth. "We will be generating about five hundred jobs. When you consider all the loggers, truck drivers, and others who will be supplying fuel to this plant and what's important is that those dollars will stay in the local community".
The 100-Megawatt biomass-fired power plant is scheduled to begin construction in June. The entire plant should be complete by 2009.

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