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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Is a ban on coal power plants unrealistic? ?

PRO-CON: Is a ban on coal power plants unrealistic?

YES ! !

* Kansas City Star *

Posted on Tue, Dec. 26, 2006

It is easy enough for naysayers to take shots at power-generating coal plants, but the reality is that coal provides nearly 80 percent of all electric generation throughout the Midwest, and the emissions from production are heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure clean air.
Coal generation stations also provide excellent jobs in many rural areas, and their locations are an attraction for other industry that can piggyback on recycling steam, hot water and fly ash.
Opponents are clamoring to have Gov. Kathleen Sebelius ban permits for new coal plants.
Perhaps the current criticism is prompted by Sunflower Electric’s desire to locate three plants in western Kansas. But calling for a total ban on permits is unrealistic.

The Parsons (Kan.) Sun

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