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Monday, November 20, 2006

"Hippy stuff"
(College Students beware this stoopit hippy stuff could make you an idiot)

This site lets you see what your personal car emissions are driving a average 12,000 miles a year. I punched in my Monte Carlo and poof I need to send these people $45.00 bucks to off set my CO2 emmissions. Talk about "white guilt". This is "environmental guilt". Oh its the same hussle and song and dance but the names changed some. Sort of like "Send us $15 bucks or the baby Seal gets it". Oh well as Grandpaw Doe used to say "It takes all kinds to make this freckled face world go around. But this does reveal a problem, other than the obvious "pinch" or rip off, and that is that these people have a cash cow of income from selling a bumber sticker for $45.00. And God only knows what they are really funding with the money they are collectiong from people who "want to do something". They are selling good feelings. Send us money and feel good about yourself. Its ok to drive that Volvo just off set it with a cash donation to this group and your going to heaven brother. Well Grandpappy also said "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". I reckon that would apply here.
Just log onto the site and put in your car type and year and poof you see what a bad person you are.

Personal emissions report
Your car emits 8,862 lbs of CO2 per year.
You should get a Standard TerraPass.
A Standard TerraPass offsets 12,000 lbs of CO2,enough to balance one year of your driving.

Each year, the average car emits about 10,000 lbs (three times its weight!) in carbon dioxide pollution – a leading cause of global warming.

You buy a Road TerraPass.

TerraPass funds clean energy projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Your TerraPass is third-party verified to reduce the equivalent of your car’s carbon dioxide pollution.
Calculate your car’s emissions
Buy a Road TerraPass

When you buy a Road TerraPass, where does your money go?
For you

Window decal (bigger)
Yeah, this is about the environment. But it's also about you and your car. Spread the word that taking responsibility for global warming is easy and affordable.
Your member kit includes:
TerraPass window decal. A static cling decal for the window of your car that shows how much you have reduced your impact.
TerraPass bumper sticker. Be loud and proud.
TerraPass clear decal. A clear decal featuring the TerraPass logo. Looks great on tinted windows.
For the environment
Your TerraPass purchase supports clean energy projects. When you buy a TerraPass, you sponsor a guaranteed reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
For example:
An entrepreneurial wind farmer receives funds to expand his plant.
A small dairy farmer gets capital to install digesters on his farm to control methane emissions.
Using financial instruments such as carbon credits, your funds result in guaranteed reductions. Find out how we make these projects happen.

For more "Hippy stuff" go here ;; This is really two post but the topic is the same "Hippy stuff"

Here is a small section thaqt tells about why you should stop eating cows.

Cutting back or eliminating meat and dairy from one's diet is another great way to fight climate change, while also keeping healthy. Cows used for meat and milk are continuously fed in order to maximize their productivity, and as a result they continually emit methane as they digest. According to Noam Mohr of the non-profit EarthSave, methane gas is 21 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than the carbon dioxide coming out of our tailpipes. Given the massive proliferation of livestock around the globe, these industries are major contributors to global warming. Also, switching from supermarket-based, energy-intensive processed foods that must be shipped long distances to food grown locally can reduce one's greenhouse gas contribution even more than by switching from a gas-powered mid-size car to a hybrid.Various climate-related websites, including and, offer free online "carbon footprint calculators" so individuals can see and even calculate how their actions contribute to global warming. helps businesses of all sizes take action on climate change.

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